This project was born from the will to use a house that was abandoned since 2008, after a long and rich family history of 80 years and 23 people living in it. For its location, its outdoors and indoors space, the idea of transforming it into a guesthouse quickly became more and more interesting, and so here we are, after a little more than 2 years of project and construction works, bringing light to Somewhere Estoril Guesthouse. For that we have to thank the help of ADN Architecture (www.adn.pt), Ana Rita Soares Design (www.anaritasoares.com) and VPS (www.vpsconstrucoes.pt), without whom this would be impossible. Now it’s time to hope Somewhere will be a special place to you!


Rua Comandante Joaquim Nascimento Gourinho 90
Estoril, Portugal

Contact Us

Phone: +351 212 697 050
+351 925 891 000
Email: info@somewhere-estoril.com
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